Condominium matters


Few think about the serious legal issues relevant to everyday housing. This is especially true for those who live in multi-storey buildings or in properties with more than two individually owned flats. These flats can be registered as condominium if the owners decide this way.


We undertake the foundation of condominiums and the amendment of the articles of association. Please note that a property may be registered as a condominium before the construction of the building provided there is a valid and final building permit issued. This way, ensuing arguments between the property owners may be prevented. (In practice, the owners used to form building cooperatives to regulate the legal relationship during the phase of construction. Here, the Contractor and the Cooperative used to be parties to the Construction Agreement, and so, it became unnecessary for each owner-to-be to conclude an individual agreement with the Contractor. Unfortunately, in the past years, this practice has been neglected.)


A condominium will be registered if the Construction Authority has issued the final occupancy permit for the building erected. This fact shall also be marked on the land registry map. In this case each flat shall be registered under an individual topographical number.


We offer our services to authorized joint representatives of condominiums. At present, one of our clients is a company that represents several thousands of condominium units. In this field, we conduct the recovery of collective maintenance fees, which is a common interest of all owners. However, we have many other affiliated legal tasks (e.g. lease agreements, registration of mortgage etc.).


We undertake the preparation of the bylaws of condominiums. In accordance with the laws and regulations, all condominiums are obliged to have their bylaws which include the organizational structure of the condominium, the powers, tasks and responsibilities of its bodies and the House Rules.