Representation in Corporate Affairs, Company Registration

Most attorneys undertake company registration and corporate modifications. In the process of company registry, the attorney shall prepare the deed of foundation or articles of association, and after signing it electronically, shall forward it by electronic means to the Court of Registry. At present, as a deed of foundation may be prepared by the application of a sample specified by law, some may think that an attorney’s only task is to provide authentication of the instrument.


However, during the process of company registry, several issues may arise that can be addressed exclusively by someone who has a wide range of legal background knowledge. For example, questions regarding taxation, social security, labour law or the responsibilities of members and leading officers. We offer solutions to these questions as well.


We undertake tasks related to a conversion of a company and general representation of companies. General representation means that the company either concludes a monthly flat rate fee agreement or a framework agreement with hourly rate of pay. Within the terms of monthly flat rate fee agreements, independent of the amount of work necessary, we undertake representation in proceedings before courts and authorities; furthermore, we provide legal counselling and the drafting, reviewing and editing of documents.