Dissolution of marriages, publicly known as divorce actions

Besides providing in-court representation in a divorce action, we undertake out-of-court settlement prior to litigious proceedings. As a result of such reconciliation processes, divorce suits were avoided and marital relationships restored. It is unnecessary to highlight the advantages of such processes to the children. In the event the process proved unsuccessful, the reconciliation itself may give ground to a mutual agreement in all issues of the divorce. In addition to its being cost-effective to the clients, it can also establish a good relationship between the divorced spouses.


The marital community of property arising by law by the bond of marriage may be terminated without the dissolution of the marriage. Furthermore, upon marriage, the spouses may deviate from the presumed 50–50 per cent share regulated by law if they conclude an agreement. Such agreements are called prenuptial agreements. They are valid if drafted in a notarial document or countersigned by a Hungarian attorney.