Other legal representation in cases with no attempt to be comprehensive

Claims for damages in the event of traffic accidents. It is important to know that in such cases the claimant is in a legally adversarial position to the insurance company of the vehicle which caused the accident since the insurance company is obliged to pay the indemnification pursuant to the compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance. The case is similar with indemnifications where the insurance company shall pay under a liability insurance covering third-party liability, e.g. a home insurance that covers a dog attack claim.


In labour affairs, we offer legal representation of the employer or the employee. In labour affairs, it is recommended to reach out-of-court settlements before litigious proceedings. Since the value of the claim frequently totals several months’ income, both adversaries will risk a lot by litigation.


We recommend the registration of mortgage if the debtor can offer a property as mortgage collateral for a loan. The creditor also has a right of priority over the mortgage in case of enforcement proceedings. Mortgage can be registered not only in case of loans but also in debts as well. A condominium may have a mortgage registered on an owner’s property for debts incurred from collective maintenance fees.


We also offer our legal services in trademark registry. A trademark is a word or figure applied for a good or service. If the trademark is registered with national and international databases, its use shall be exclusive only to the trademark holder. We undertake the registration of trademarks in EU and non-EU countries as well.


We offer legal assistance in the procedure of acquisition of citizenship. Except for facilitated naturalization, such procedures are rather lengthy and complex. To enter the country, one needs the relevant visa, and even to be able to apply for a visa, one needs to meet several terms and conditions. For a longer stay in Hungary, one needs to apply for a residence permit, and later for a permanent residence permit. To apply, one needs to show proof of secured housing, subsistence and the presence of health insurance. One may apply for Hungarian citizenship only after a long, lawful stay in the country. However, without citizenship, one has the right to make use of the Hungarian health insurance system if qualified for health insurance benefits.