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Lippai Attorneys at Law is a third-generation law firm. At present, father and son form the firm; however, it was grandfather Dr. Pál Lippai (1900–1982) who first chose to become a lawyer, an attorney in the family. (An imprint of his genuine letter sealing wax stamp can be seen above.) Dr. Pál József Lippai (b. 1944) and Dr. Pál Gábor Lippai (b. 1970) also chose to become attorneys at law. The knowledge and traditions of the profession, the master-strokes and skills that cannot be learned at school became our heritage and thus, literally, descended from father to son. (See Company History – Our Heritage)


One of our law firm’s basic philosophies is to try to settle and not only to manage the problems of our clients. Consequently, we offer a complex approach to every individual case in all areas of civil law (see Our Services). For example, in case of forming a company, we offer legal counselling in the fields of company law, taxation law and labour law as part of our services. Similarly, we also attend to the taxation and inheritance law concerns of a sale and purchase agreement.


It is also our philosophy to inform our clients in the greatest possible detail on the expected outcome of a case prior to initiating any legal proceedings. In practice, this may entail that we try to dissuade a client from filing a legal action if we can foresee that the expected outcome will be insufficient compared to the costs.


Before filing an action, we make an attempt to prepare a settlement between our client and the adversary if both parties give their approval. When attorneys negotiate, their communication is usually more effective since “they speak the same language;” and through them, their clients can also communicate more effectively. Moreover, out-of-court settlements are highly cost-effective. It is our great concern to keep our clients’ costs at a minimum.


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