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Attorney Fees

Attorney Fees

Information on attorney's fees

Attorney fees are a matter of agreement between the parties, there are no legal provisions applicable. Our List of Fees is indicative only. In each case, the parties agree to the fees of the relevant case in an Attorney Retainer Agreement.

We believe the most reasonable way of remuneration is by the time spent on the work. Of course, prior to undertaking an assignment, we can, in most of the cases, estimate the number of hours necessary for the amount of work. Our rate per hour is HUF 28,000+VAT. (This fee covers the work of employees, the overheads and other costs. However, it does not cover actual out-of-pocket expenses, which are payable by the client at all times. Such expenses include administrative fees, travel costs etc.)

We also offer monthly Flat Rate Fee Agreements, within the framework of which, for a fixed fee payable monthly, we represent the client in all legal matters. We have numerous clients to our mutual satisfaction on flat rate fee agreements for several years.